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Adsense and website hosting secrets

Web hosting secrets to maximize adsense earnings.

Make sure your hosting plan allows your site to be accessible world wide so that you get many visitors, more clicks and therefore greater adsense earnings.
To achieve this goal you must have control of certain operations of your server.
Simple and even expensive shared hosting does not allow the control that you need.
Private servers are very expensive, over $200.00 per month.
The solution may be a vps, provided you have the knowledge to change certain settings of your vps, and also provided that your hosting company allows you to implement these settings. Investigate before signing up for a vps!

You need VHM

In addition to cPanel, make sure your vps has VHM. This will allow you to control many functions of your website, most importantly accessibility of your site from all countries. To do so you must edit the files that block IPs.

How do I edit files that block access to my web site?

There are two ways to do that.
1. By editing the hosts files (hosts.allow and hosts.deny) in the root of your account in the etc folder.
2. Via your VHM by editing allow and dely IPs files in csf - ConfigServer Firewall.

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