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Fraternities in Germany - secret societies

"Secret societies Fraternities are student organizations that meticulously uphold traditions and a particular understanding of manhood. These are men-only groups with a ritualistic pledging process. Those who pass the trial period can become lifelong members, potentially affording them valuable career contacts. As members of a closed, sworn society, there is a sense among fraternity brothers that they belong to an elite circle. During university, they mostly enjoy low-rent living in opulent housing in their cities' choicest areas. Fencing among fraternity brothers is also a tradition. During these duels with sharp blades, most parts of the body are protected, with the deliberate exception of cheeks and the rest of the head. If someone is hit, there is mostly some bleeding and a scar is left. However, these dueling scars are not seen as a sign of defeat. Instead, they are worn with pride as a demonstration of someone's readiness to fight."
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