SILICONE FOLEY CATHETER has good biocompatibility and is not easy to be allergic. It has less irritation to the urethra and less secretion from the urethra. The surface of the product itself is relatively smooth, so the friction coefficient is small and the insertion is convenient. For patients, it is relatively comfortable.
In addition, the silicone catheter can be developed under X-ray, and the air bag is equipped with reinforcing wire, which can be inflated evenly, thin and strong. The tube body is transparent, and it is easy to confirm the state of drainage and the position of retention. The front end of the tube is hemispherical, which can be developed and confirmed.
It is mainly used for patients with urinary retention, pyelonephritis and Measure bladder volume pressure and check residual urine; perform urethrography or cystography, etc.
1. Made of 100% medical grade SILICONE with superior biocompatibility.
2. good for patients with latex allergy,an alternative for patient who need a Latex Free catheter
3. Smooth surface and tip allows atraumatic insertion for enhanced patient conform
4. Catheter with X-ray line,easy for checking
5. The design of silicon balloon keeps its shape in good concentricity, After contraction, silicon balloon has perfect rebound elasticity, reduces trauma, and maximizes the comfort of patients when pulling out catheter through urethra.
6. The maximum time to be kept inside bladder is no more than 28 days
7. Designed for long term catheterization,after gynecological surger-ies,and in people withurethtal injury or obstruction.
8. Easierto Change and More hygienic
THREE WAY FR12--FR26low price Foley Catheter