Aluminum hydroxide for Water Treatment can react with water to form aluminum hydroxide colloid with strong impurity adsorption ability.
Technical Data Sheet
1. Used for aluminum salt manufacture銆?/p>
2. Used in the production of glass and fiberglass raw materials
3. In the petrochemical industry to manufacture catalyst and catalyst carrier
4. It can improve the bonding and processing properties of aluminum hydroxide and resin, making it both flame retardant and filling
5. Widely used in electrical LDPE cable material, rubber, wire and cable insulation layer, sheath layer, insulation material, conveyor belt, etc.
The production method of Aluminum Hydroxide:
Bayer process:The bauxite was dissolved in sodium hydroxide at temperatures up to 270掳C (518掳F).The waste solid bauxite tailings are removed and aluminum hydroxide is precipitated from the remaining sodium aluminate solution.
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