路 Protractor square ruler made of high quality stainless steel, rustproof, durable, durable
路 0-180 degree measurement range with an accuracy of 5' / 0.08 degrees
路 This woodworking workshop uses a beveled edged blade, roller knobs and fine adjustments. Each tick mark is laser engraved, so it is a laser engraving scale.
路 Ideal for measuring the inside and outside corners of parts
路 Straight ruler length is 300mm
Our combination blocks are made of high quality stainless steel, rustproof, durable and sturdy. It features an extended blade with beveled, roller knobs and fine adjustments from 0 to 180 degrees. With 5' (minutes) / 0.08 degrees accuracy and laser engraving scale, it is ideal for measuring the inner and outer corners of parts.
The calibration measurement should be zero and the general angular scale is zero. When the scale is equipped, the bottom and bottom squares and the scale have no gap contact, and the main scale 鈥?鈥?line is aligned. By changing the reference size and adjusting the zero position of the angle block, the ruler can test any angle in the range 0-180掳.
Product specifications:
Condition: 100% new product
Color: black (as shown)
Material: Stainless steel
Measuring range: 0-180 degrees
Accuracy: 5'/ 0.08 degrees
Package weight: 0.3kg
Packing: Click 1 x universal bevel groupCombination Square Sets factory