XIAMEN JUGUANGLI IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. is a state-approved import and export company established in China, mainly responsible for overseas sales.There are two manufacturing plants in xiamen, China, silicon rubber products production plant and lens production plant.Local production, can provide customers with high quality and competitive market silicone rubber products and lens products, welcome to contact us at any time, for samples and inquiries quote.
Factory # 1: XIAMEN JUDELI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. focus on the production of silicone rubber products, has a mature of LSR injection molding technology and molding technology, to produce food grade and medical grade silicone rubber products, product range is wide, such as silicone rubber keys, seals, gaskets, silicone valve, medical breathing mask, silicone tube, automobile corrugated tube and silicone goggles, silicone shoes, silicone stationery and so on.The factory has passed ISO9002 international quality system certification, the quality control is perfect, can provide the customer high quality, the price has the market competitive silica gel product, can accept the OEM/ODM order, welcome to contact the inquiry at any time.
Factory # 2: XIAMEN YIDA HOLDING CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer of a lens for window panel in China, a high-tech enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales, located at the Huli District, Xiamen City, and the XIAMEN YIDA INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD under the company produces lenses of a window, functional panels, membrane switch panels, nameplates, etc. Taking the PMMA(acrylic), PC materials as the base materials, It holds a variety of advanced vacuum coating equipment, laser cutting machines, CNC lens processing equipment, full-automatic screen process printers, coating film, leading-edge, polishing and other full set production equipment and technology. Shenzhen Yida Technology Co., Ltd. produces AR, AF, AG, AFO(Anti-fogging) coating film optical lens, taking glasses as the base materials. The company has a modern dust-free plant at ten thousand levels and locally at a thousand levels, has more than 380 employees, and technical backbone account for over 60%, and the capacity of the lens panels can be up to 5 million pieces and more.Rubber Silicone Sucker