Product Specification
Determination of ash content is an important test for laboratory research, while the long used traditional electrical muffle furnace for ashing is always time and energy consuming, meanwhile, muffle furnace ashing tends to diffuse heat and fumes.
Microwave ashing furnace AF1510 has the following advantages.
Time saving: fast ashing in just few minutes
Operation safety: air intake and fume exhaust control, no exposure to heat and harmful fumes
Even temperature distribution inside the cavity: alumina ceramic fiber insulation inside the cavity increases temperature uniformity and improves energy efficiency.
Different crucible types are available such as ceramics crucibles and quartz fiber crucibles.
Product Properties
Chamber volume of 140脳140脳70mm while chamber volume can be customized
Compact furnace structure with auto weighing tray
40 segments of programmable technical parameters
powervoltage220V卤10V, 50Hz
rated power3kW
microwave systemmicrowave output power0.10 to 1.40kW, continuously adjustable
microwave frequency2.45GHz
microwave leakage preventionmicrowave leakage intensity < 2mW/ cm2
temperature control systemmax. temp.1000掳C
working temperature0 to 950掳C
temperature measurement devicethermocouple
temperature measurement range0 to 1100掳C
temperature control precision卤0.1%
control systemPLC/ touch screendata storage and export
fumes controlair intake and fume exhaust control
safety systemmicrowave magnetronover temperature alarm
furnace door protectionfurnace door shut down sensor
dimensionfurnace body (L脳W脳H)ca. 750 脳 550 脳 650mm
AF1510 is advanced microwave ashing furnace ideal for ashing, sulphate ashing, loss on ignition (LOI), residue on ignition (ROI) and fusion etc.China Ashing Furnace