鈻?About us
With more than 20 years of developing experience and manufacturing expertise, CeaGoo is an excellent and reliable supplier on the kinds of advanced ceramics, the current portfolio covers about 5,000 different products, are used in a wide variety of applications, such as electronics, process control, textile, thermal processing, equipment and mechanical and in many other applications.
Advanced ceramics from CeaGoo, also referred to as technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or industrial ceramics, mainly made by high purity Alumina, Zirconia, Steatite and Cordierite. Correctly selecting the ceramic material to meet the respective requests in the field of application, and continually optimizing the design and manufacturing process based on the material鈥檚 special properties are the things CeaGoo specializes in.
With a more than 8000 square meters shop floor and sound devices, CeaGoo has an ability on the whole ceramic manufacturing processes and many production technologies as below.
鈼?nbsp;Hot pressing
鈼?nbsp;Dry pressing
鈼?nbsp;Injection molding
鈼?Isostatic pressing

鈻?Our History
CeaGoo has a history of more than 20 years which is a not short time for a Chinese company. It all started with a small production site called 鈥淴ingzhou Special Ceramic Factory鈥?in Yixing, China, which was established in 1997. The original product manufactured was a small ceramic lamp cap, which was developed into textile ceramics later and finally into the all kinds of advanced ceramics.
In 2000, CeaGoo began to cooperate with the Chinese branch of a famous Germany company 鈥?DOCERAM, resulting in helping CeaGoo go into another field - textile ceramic industry and be famous known as a textile ceramics manufacturer at local, also it was the time we had got the experienced production technology on 99.5% and 99.7% alumina ceramics.
With the continuing good reputation on offering excellent technical ceramics during 2000-2003, CeaGoo had got a great development. At the end of year 2003, we had moved our own first plant, it was about 2000 square meters. Then Zirconia ceramic and ZTA ceramic production technologies were developed successfully with the growing demands from the flowing customer who came from different applications.
Our current factory is four times bigger than the one in 2003, about 8000 square meters, which was built in December 2007. It was here in August 2015, our global trading department was established, and also we have our own English brand name 鈥?CeaGoo.
For now, our businesses are present around the globe, our customers come from USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Mexico and many other countries, and our advanced fine ceramics are used in a great variety of applications. Ceramic Insulators For Thermal manufacturers