utdoor oil immersed combined transformer the core and coil assembly is thoroughly oven-dried and is vacuum filled afterwards with de-aerated oil to provide a moisture free insulation system.
Accuracy charateristics are excellent at low voltage and current because combined transformer is designed with high permeability directional cores.
High and low voltage coils are encapsulated under high vacuum process. Thus, no voids and wet-proof are ensured to increase insulation strength.
Connection is easy at the field because the secondary side is wired. Simple construction of a secondary terminal box easily enables connection with kWhr meter.
Other specification can be supplied on request.
Table 1: Current part of the technical parameters
Table 2: Voltage part of the technical parameters
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1. Stable insulation performance,safe and reliable operation.
2. No leakage risk, no pressure, no fire risk, no pollution.Combined Transformer Made in China