BOPP锛圔i-axially Oriented Polypropylene) bag is a kind of packaging normally pack good for easy advertisement and transportation. BOPP laminated with woven fabric or Kraft papers, which can provide colorful and amazing advertisement for easy selling products. We are an professional packaging supplier and will provide you the most suitable packaging solution.
Product Specification
Dimension:Width 30-100cm, Length optional
Material:Virgin PP material
Top option:Top full open
Bottom option:Bottom fold with 1 or 2 sewing line
Fabric:8X8 ,9x9, 10x10,12x12
Safety Loading:10kgs- 100kgs
Sewing ThreadStandard sewing stitches
Design:Tubular shape
Lamination:Optional according to require
Inner liner锛?/p>Circular shape
Printing:1, 2-side, up to 8 colors
Packing锛?/p>On bales or Pallets as customer鈥檚 require
What are BOPP woven Bags?
BOPP woven bags are normally made of Polypropylene woven fabric with BOPP lamination, used for loading bulk products in 25kgs - 100kgs. It鈥檚 easy for carrying and transportation.
PP woven bags are suitable for the transportation of the following:
鈼?nbsp;Food Products
鈼?nbsp;Grains and Seeds
鈼?nbsp;Construction Materials such as sand or gravel
Packaging Application
Packaging is the most effective and economic way for selling markets . Regarding to expert research, the effect of packaging on selling the product is over 65%. Therefore, the suitable packaging for a product directly affect the profits. So, it鈥檚 really necessary for you to find a packaging solution expert.
We are not only a packaging bag supplier but also a professional design for packaging.
Our PP woven bags can be manufactured to fulfill your specific requirements. The height, diameter, and length of the bulk bag and spouts, fabric with lamination or not, and whether a polyethylene liner is needed will be specified according to the type of products which will be transported.
Bag Facility Capacity:
鈼?8,000 Jumbo Bags and 50,000 Woven Bags per Day.
鈼?nbsp;100,000 meters of woven fabric per Day.
鈼?nbsp;25,000 meters of PE liners per Day.
鈼?nbsp;40,000 meters of Lamination per Day.
鈼?nbsp;120,000 meters of Webbing per Day.
The Leader of Jumbo bag Manufacturer
As Shandong Guansong Industrial Co., Ltd., we have been engaged in the packaging industry since 2005. From the outset, through the continuity of our corporate code permanently, we are proud to export to 30 countries and more than 500 customers worldwide. For Packaging bags, we have completed the establishment of the company in the marketing (domestic and international), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments; besides, all of them are working effectively and coordinated.
From the first day we started working in the FIBC and PP woven bag sector,the quality has always been our top priority and we are proud to face any sanctions against reclamation or dumping.
Our Suppliers
Suppliers choosing is a very sensitive subject for our company. We always provide high-quality raw materials, and we rely on our products unconditionally. Even if we can choose to use lower cost raw materials, we will not use any supplier鈥檚 raw materials that we cannot rely on for its quality standards
Professional marketing and service team
All of our marketing and service team are trained and learned in our factory over 6 months. After pass the technique and knowledge testing, they will be arranged to marketing and service department as a assistant. Our average time for service colleagues is over 3 years experience. We promise we can provide professional service to fulfill your specific requirement.
Packaging, Delivery and Service
1. Are you a factory or trading company? Can you provide a free sample?
We are a factory specializing in producing kinds of packaging bags.
Yes, we can provide sample by free of charge and you should only afford the freight for sending sample.
2. What鈥檚 your product range?
All kinds of packing solution including BOPP bags, PVC packaging, Carbon box, Plastic(Steel) drums, and plastic pallets etc.
3. Are your packaging bags traceable?
Packing bags are traceable according to manufacture date and sewing worker鈥檚 number during production.
4. Can you provide container bags?
Yes, we can provide bulk container bag for 20 feet container and 40 feet container.
And Flexible Tank (IBC tanks) also provided for Liquid transportation. (Water or Oil)
5. What鈥檚 the lead time for 20鈥檉cl and 40鈥檉cl?
Normally 15-20 days for 1x20鈥檉cl and 20-25 days for 1x40鈥檉cl.
6. What does BOPP stand for?
BOPP stands for Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene, which refers to a kind of polypropylene film.PP Woven Bag