A set of liquid leak detect system
Water leak controller device with 15m liquid blue leak sensor cable.
Rapid response water leakage alarm system .
1. Product Introduction(Suit to introduce)
(1) A complete set of products
A liquid leakage detect alarm
15m blue 2pins liquid leakage sensing wires
3m leading wire
(2) Method of use
Connect all products according to the figure and connect the power supply of 9v-24v. Lay the liquid leakage induction rope around the equipment that will have liquid leakage. When the rope senses liquid leakage, an alarm will be immediately issued.
(3) Matters needing attention
Do not let the induction cord touch the metal
Do not use high power
Do not connect the wrong lines and ports
2. Product Parameter
Power DC 12V, 3W
Accessories Leader wire & Connector & 2 pins sensor cable & Clips
Output Relay 0.5A @ AC 125V; 1A @ DC 24V NO-COM/NC-COM
Inputs Water sensor cable Compatible with A-LC1B or other 2 pins sensor cable
Maximum length 1200m (3937 ft)
Minimum length 1m(3 ft)
Detection accuracy 100%
Protocals Modbus RTU RS-485 Communication, Optional baud rates factory default 9600, Optional address is 0~255, factory default 0
Alarm Notification Visible Alarm Red LED for leak alarm
Aduible Alarm Sound off by pushing button"CLR"
Operating Environment Temperature -20℃~50℃ (32℉~122℉)
Humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Storage Environment -40℃~60℃(0℉~140℉)
Dimensions 8.42 x 5.42 x 2.42 cm
Mounting DIN Rail or panel mountable
Cable diameter0.24 in(6mm)nominal
Sensing wires 2*30 AWG with jacket of conductive fluoropolymer
Cable weight(50 ft/15m length) 500g
Cable colorHigh-visibility blue
Cable length15 meters
3. Product details and application
(1) The main products
Non-positioning leakage controller A-LC1A, with its own buzzer and sensitivity adjustment button, it can be connected with most of the liquid leakage sensor rope in the market. RS485 standard protocol signal output and relay signal output.

15 meters blue 2 core water leakage induction rope, anti-corrosion wear-resisting, using environmental protection materials, rapid and sensitive response, can be used in a number of indoor occasions.
(2) Accessories
Additional 9-24v external power supply, a lead wire and a pair of 2-pins connectors are required.
We sell all the above products
(3) Application place
It can be used in all indoor places with water leakage risk, such as machine room, library, archives, museum, laundry room, etc
(4) Certificate
All our water leakage products have international certification certificates, such as CE, rohs , etc. Domestic patent and quality assurance certificate.
(5) Company profile
Our company mainly produces and develops Internet of things products. For example, water leakage control system, diesel oil leakage control system, acid and alkali chemical product leakage control system, temperature and humidity sensor, temperature and humidity controller, intelligent air conditioning controller, intelligent agricultural products. Welcome customers to come to inquiry, also welcome agents around the world to establish long-term cooperative relations
4. Deliver, Shipping and Service
(1) Deliver time
Normal goods can be delivered within 3 working days, and the products to be processed shall be determined according to the actual situation
(2) Shipping
Use all kinds of international famous express to ensure the delivery speed, such as DHL, UPS, etc
(3) Service
As long as you have requirements and problems with the product, our professional sales staff will be perfect to help you solve your confusion
5. FAQ
(1) Are you a factory or trading company ?
We are a factory wholesale with best price for you.
(2) How to get the price list ?
Price list pls email/call/contact us on line
based on item you are interested,
and your company details(name, address, Tel, Fax etc),
we will reply you ASAP !
(3) Can i use my own forwarder to transport the products ?
Yes, if you have your own forwarder,
you can let your forwarder arrange the shipping.
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