30 kg industrial automatic washing machine
Mainly applicable to clothing washing, fabric washing, can also be used for cotton, wool, chemical fiber and other fabric washing and dyeing. Is the clothing industry, hotels, leisure, hospitals and other industrial and mining enterprises ideal washing equipment.

30 kg industrial automatic washing machine product description
1. The inner shell is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.
2. The use of full suspension suspension structure and frequency drive, to accelerate the smooth, effective solution to the vibration of the machine, high off when the amplitude is only 1.5MM. Dehydration to 270KG, dehydration after the water content of clothing is better than the national standard, no foundation.
3. Simple operation, the computer automatic control system, the Chinese large-screen LCD display, washing process at a glance, the washing process selected.
4. Steam heating and electric heating can be used, drainage under the drainage, available hose to the trench, to keep the room clean.
5. Feeding box with hot water powder to solve the alkaline powder is not easy to dissolve in cold water, agglomeration of the ills.
6. Dehydration safety control function, when the imbalance is too large automatically stop and alarm.
7. High and low water level automatic control system, the whole computer program control, and with manual, four kinds of water level set optional, automatic control of water temperature optional.
8. Safety door lock and control linkage device, with protection (when the device can run to refuse to open the door and other misuse).
9. The body and the base of the welding structure, the machine internal and external structure of all the use of strong anti-corrosion epoxy paint, the body of the external panel made of stainless steel plate.

Product features and applications
It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, reasonable design, smooth operation and long service life.
1. Its main parts, liner and shell are made of high quality stainless steel, smooth, corrosion-resistant, low wear and tear on the fabric.
2. The inner cylinder door is equipped with stainless steel safety locking mechanism, the outer cylinder door cover is equipped with electrical interlock device, safe and reliable operation.
3. Industrial washing machine with triangular tape drive, vibration, smooth operation, durable.Industrial Washing Machine suppliers