The AQM-09 Air Quality Monitoring System can measure outdoor air pollutants in real-time, measuring data quickly and accurately. It can monitor the gas type Ozone(O3), Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2), Sulfur Dioxide(SO2), Carbon Monoxide(CO), Particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, also the Noise, Meteorological parameters (including of Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Barometric pressure ), etc.
Technical Parameters:
Particle ModulesMonitor methodContinuously, automatically and real-tim
Working principleLight scattering technique
Measurement dataPM2.5, PM10,TSP
Measuring range0~1000ug/m3
Response time鈮?0s
Instrument parallelism鈮ぢ?0%
Data validity锛?/span>75%
DehumidificationWith the automatic dehumidification function module
Gas ModuleMonitor methodContinuously, automatically and real-time
Working principleHigh precision Electrochemical senso
Gas monitorSO2, CO, NO2, O3, CO2, TVOC
Sulfur Dioxide SO2Measuring range: 0~1000ppb
Resolution: 1ppb
Response time: 锛?/span>45s
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2Measuring range: 0~1000ppb
Resolution: 1ppb
Response time: 锛?/span>45s
Ozone O3Measuring range: 0~1000ppb
Resolution: 5ppb
Response time: 锛?/span>45s
Carbon Monoxide COMeasuring range: 0~200ppm
Resolution: 0.1ppm
Response time: 锛?/span>45s
Noise monitorMeasuring range: 30~130dB (A)
Sampling frequency: 锛?/span>1s
Dynamic analysis range: 鈮?00dB (A)
Frequency weighting: A, C,Z
Time weighting: F, S
Meteorological parametersTemperature: Measuring range: -30鈩儈60鈩? Precision: 卤0.3鈩?nbsp;(20鈩?
Humidity: Measuring range: 0~100%RH, Precision: 卤2%(5%RH~95%RH, 25鈩?
Wind direction: Measuring range: 0~360掳, Precision: 卤5掳
Wind speed: Measuring range: 0~60m/s, Precision: 卤0.3m/s
Barometric pressure: Measuring range: 30~110Kpa, Precision: 卤2.5pa
Installed with Alphasense brand sensor, with quick response, good linearity, stable performance and high resolution, the minimum unit up to ppb;
Designed with the all-in-one type and easy installation;
The modular design makes maintenance very convenient;
With the function of remote parameter correction, can save costs;
With the built-in pump, respond quickly more than the normal diffusion sampling type;
With the Double-layer protection box, preventing it from external environment influence;
It鈥檚 with the Wireless network adapter, transmitting the data by 4G/WIFI/GPRS, also with optional RS232 connection to display the data on the LED display screen;
With the Remote data acquisition system;
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