PRIVACY POLICY college classifieds

What information do you collect?
If you simply visit our site we register your  ip automatically.This is universal practice for purposes of security. Ip is your registration number with your local internet provider. For us you remain anonymous.  If you consent we place a cookie on your computer so that the content of our site is served to you in a meaningful way. You can delete the cookie at any time.

If you decide to register so that you interact with our site, we store the information you provide such as email, address, website. This information you provide so that you promote your products and services. You can delete your account at anytime.

All other  data on our site is not accessible to third parties such as search engines, unless you make them public.

How do you use the information?
We do not use your data in any other way than the one you may choose, that is to advertise your products or services or ask for advice.

What information do you share.
We do not share any of the information you may provide.