What is a good gross anatomy book for medical students?
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  • 2019-10-26 06:44:28

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Gray's Anatomy is the most complete anatomy book but is not useful at all to medical student.

Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter is the most celebrated Atlas. Excellent drawings but it does not teach.
Also photographic atlases do not teach first year med students.
Buy the venerable Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy when you get your M.D.

It is unfortunate that most books do not teach the medical student what he needs to know: the shape of a structure, location in relation to other structures, and its course, its journey in three dimensional space in the human body.

There are two books that do this:
1. Essentials of Human Anatomy 9th Edition
by Russell T. Woodburne , William E. Burkel
(If you can find the original edition, Woodburne only author, you have a gem!).

2.  Cranial Nerves for Medical Students: with clinical correlations by Dr. Michael M. Nikoletseas, on Google Play and Amazon.