My memories of my college years in Chicago are surely smoothed by time and subsequent success in life. Whatever, one thing I can say with certainty. College was the greatest gift I ever received, the most meaningful event.

I studied little and read and wrote a lot, oh yes and spent many nights a week in the Loop and near north bars till last call. On graduation I got a gold medal.

Enchanted by natural science, I did not neglect the humanities and the arts. I saw things how they are and went on to graduate school and later med school.

What advice can I give you? Probably none as it would turn out to be bad advice for you. I  never worried about a job, what kind of a job. I changed disciplines several times choosing what I saw as most meaningful at the  time. Ah I did not tell you why I went to college, a farmer boy. To be a better poet.

I will give you a single bit of advice: choose your major with an eye to a lifelong love for the work you will be doing. Don't  get trapped.

God bless.

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