Statistics for College Students

Statistics for College Students and Researchers

The easiest stats textbook.
The author of this book taught introductory and advanced statistics in American colleges for many years. He is also a researcher with life-long experience in applying Statistics.
This is a unique book (American Journal of Applied Sciences ajassp.2016.1033.1039). It teaches you elementary and advanced Statistics with only 5 simple formulas and simple arithmetic. No college Math needed. Learn the concepts and logic of Statistics through stories. Understanding the concepts and logic of statistics makes formulas unnecessary as formulas summarize what operations you must perform, regrettably without understanding. . Grasp the concepts and logic of Statistics and become a better student and researcher and gain confidence in your thesis defense and live presentations of your research. All parametric statistical tests covered with examples. This book is on the shelves of many libraries such as Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, and is referenced in research publications.

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