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Using in most Europe countries, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. - ATSC M/H: using in most areas in USA, Canada and Mexico - ISDB-T: using in Japan and South America countries * Bluetooth Information: - support HFP, HSP, FTP, OBE, OPP, SPP, A2DP - Dial, Answer, Stop Call - Call History (Dialed, Received, Missed) - Phone Book - Music Play - Volume Control - Touchscreen Keypad * Input Output port: - USB HUB: Support - USB OGT: Support - USB Device: Support - SD card: Max support 32GB - Video input: 1 Route - Audio input: 2 Route - Video output: 2 Route - Audio output: 4 Route - Subwoofer output: 1 Route * OSD Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese (Actual voice and display language depends on GPS software package) * Certifications: CE, FCC Package Contents * Hyundai Elantra Android Autoradio * Remote control * Touch pen * Magnetic GPS antenna with 300 cm cord * USB Extension Cable * iPod Cable * Free 4GB micro SD card with evaluation GPS software and maps * Speical wire harness * Mounting hardware * User manual - English Product Notes - This Android DVD Navigation, whose frequency is real 1.2G, is the fastest boot on the market at present, the interface reaction the fastest, the most sensitive, highest configuration, system the most stable android host. - It supports multi-touch, any touch will not fail at any condition. This will make you play the android games more smoothly, enlarge maps, pictures, website easily. - The move main Operating interface can be formed according to your gestures, the different gesture different move interface, the main interface function icons can change following your heart, make your operation more convenient. What's more, it support App main interface plug-in. - OBD vehicle fault detection: via USB bluetooth to receive and display your vehicle information, and let you know the conditions of your car at any time, let you take good care of your car, and ensure your driving safety. - Vehicle traveling data recorder function: Just need to match an HD USB PC Camera, Plug in the USB, then you can record the process of driving at your will, you can also get 1080P HD video. - This Android DVD Navigation is built-in WiFi Internet, open your mobile WiFi hotspot, connected with the WIFI of the machine, you can swim in the online world, without having to purchase another 3G card. You can also swim on the Internet where there is free WIFI. - This device use only WIFI hotspot and the APP software, which let your mobile phone and DVD host be in interaction, without any cost increasing. Even if you sit in the back row, you also can choose what you like. - Mobile electronic function: In today's strict traffic rules, ticket and demerit points is a headache. This Mobile electronic function makes you no longer have to worry about that. - Support IPOD playing and charging with the original IPOD line, so you do not have to worry about any damage to your beloved iPod. - Unique music player, you can play songs through the network to get the lyrics, and store the acquired lyrics. - This DVD player currently using the Android 2.3.4 system. But you can rest assured that in the latter part of the year, you can online through ING market, peas clip to remind you upgrade to latest Android 4.0 system. You can also online through ING market, peas clip to remind updates and download the latest APP software. All are free! - GPS navigation/ positioning system: you can choose to install Google/ IGO/ NaviOne/ Autonavi/ Truly a variety of maps at the same time, let you have a choice as you required. Support Google etc in real traffic information, let you select preferred route, no longer worry about the traffic jams. Positioning system let you know the location of your car. - The Android APP Game of unlimited downloads, allows you to download unlimitedly, let you play unlimitedly. - Real-time communication and chat: You can use Viber, whatsapp, LINE, micro letter and other Apps to proceed the real-time intercom, let the team outing don't have to purchase another intercom! - This product comes with digital TV tuner. The digital TV tuner standard is for your selection. Please check the digital TV standard using in your areas first before purchasing this product. - Do not need digital TV, please check Hyundai Elantra Android Car DVD Player with GPS Wifi 3G BT - Reverse Rearview function can be available only when the back up camera is installed. Visit Hyundai Back Up Camera to select the best rearview camera for your car. - Buy video parking sensor to compatible with this Android DVD navigation, please click Rear View Parking Sensor - back up camera fit for your car Tue, 23 Jul 2013 03:59:26 -0500 Web Design | Mobile Applications | SEO | Development Lagos, Nigeria <a href="" target="_blank"><img title="logo1.jpg" border="0" src="" alt="logo1.jpg" /></a><br /><br />από - by: <br /><br />***Περιγραφή - Description: Vibe web Solutions is a privately held limited company with it operations and service delivery in Nigeria and two research and development centers in India. 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